Carrier Registration

We provide the best tools and technology to help our carriers succeed. Become a carrier with Lincoln Land Logistics today.

If you are a carrier interested in working with us, please fill out and submit the following paperwork.

Click to open and fill out each document. Once finished, please download each document and email them along with a scan of your driver’s license and proof of insurance to

Carrier Packet

COI Requirements

Interchange Agreement

Get 24/7 Support

We know firsthand that there is nothing more frustrating than having a lack of support when working as a carrier for a logistics company. That’s why our team at Lincoln Land Logistics located in Springfield, IL is here to offer 24/7 online support for our carriers when the unexpected takes place. Whether your truck is experiencing a mechanical issue or there is a problem with your delivery, you can always count on us to help you every step of the way. We value our certified carriers and will continue to offer our support to ensure a smooth delivery process for you and the client.