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We specialize in freight shipping logistics to better serve both shippers and carriers.

PO (Trailers) and Freight Will Be Covered Under the Carriers Insurance.

Expert Third-Party Logistics & Freight Shipping Company in the Springfield, IL Area

As a third-party logistics company, Lincoln Land Logistics is dedicated to providing you with expert shipping and delivery services for your business located in all parts of the U.S. Our expert logistics team from our base location in Springfield, IL will help you plan, organize, and transport your products and materials from your location to the point of consumption as quickly and efficiently as possible.

All of our services are customized to fit the needs of our clients and their products. If you are looking to invest in an experienced team to manage the transportation of your goods, Lincoln Land Logistics offers quality, cost-effective, and efficient solutions for your business. Contact us today to set up a free consultation regarding your logistics needs.

Who We Are

At Lincoln Land Logistics based in Springfield, IL, our owners and team of specialists have decades of experience in the logistics and freight transportation industry. With us working behind the scenes to get your products and goods to your customers, you can expect a seamless transition of your freight from one location to the next! We specialize in ground shipment throughout the United States along with a variety of shipping methods including Full Truckload Shipping (FTL), Less Than Truckload (LTL), Power Only Freight, and more. Our company is dedicated to providing safe, reliable, and timely transportation services so that your business can thrive. Join our team today!

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With Us, You’re Family

When choosing a long-lasting career, we know that having a safe, comfortable, and team-oriented environment is important to every employee. At Lincoln Land Logistics, we have created a workplace that thrives on family values and a healthy work-life balance to build our employees while achieving shipment goals for our clients. As a logistics carrier, we know how hard it can be to spend long hours away from your family and friends, that’s why make sure that our team is supported every step of the way with consistent communication and the tools they need to succeed. With us you’re family – become a carrier today!
What We Do
We specialize in freight shipping logistics to better serve both shippers and carriers. Our process is simple and efficient! We plan, organize, and transport your goods directly to the consumer so that you can focus on your business.
Why We Do It Better
With decades of experience in the transportation and freight shipping industry, our team knows exactly how to create meaningful relationships with both shippers and carriers. Your satisfaction is our #1 priority!
How We Succeed
As a third-party logistics company, we work diligently to solve any problems you have with shipping your freight. Unlike other logistics companies, our ground shipping options are focused to ensure top-notch service for our shippers.


What are you shipping? We specialize in a variety of ground shipping options to ensure the best service for our shippers. At Lincoln Land Logistics we offer customizes transportation, packaging, and delivery options so that both you and your clients are 100% satisfied.


Are you an experienced driver? Are you looking for a rewarding and independent career? Get paid quickly and fairly when you transport goods with Lincoln Land Logistics! We provide easy-to-use technology to track your shipments and 24/7 support when you need us most.

Freight Shipping Services

Full Truckload Shipping (FTL)

Our FTL shipping services are ideal for unpackaged, climate-controlled, or oversized goods that require quick and efficient transportation options.

Less Than Truckload (LTT)

LTL freight is a great cost-effective and efficient shipping method for companies that do not require a full truckload of space for their goods.

Power Only Freight

Our power-only freight services offer a fully vetted carrier and trailer to transport your goods anywhere in the U.S. Do you own a trailer? We will provide a driver!

Refrigerated / Temperature-Controlled Freight

We offer well-managed temperature-controlled shipping solutions to keep your refrigerated goods perfectly preserved for your consumers.

Flatbed / Open Deck Freight

If you require shipping services for large or oversized freight, our flatbed/open deck trucking solutions can conveniently carry up to 12,000lbs.

Drayage / Port Service Freight

Our drayage or short-distance freight service is perfect for your niche business. We even offer port hauling and delivery services when additional products arrive.

Industries We Serve


Beverage & Bottle

Plastics & Packaging



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